The Story of Haydon Street Kitchen

If you were to walk out into the backyard of my house 30 years ago you would have found my dad working in his fruit and vegetable garden. He had beds of produce that he turned over seasonally and vines growing the perimetre of the garden. I spent much of my time there, munching on the ripened strawberries and plump peas I’d cracked opened from their pods. Harvesting time was all the time.

I started working in a commercial open kitchen when I was 18. It wasn’t a job most people went for, which is probably why I got it. It was hard work, long hours, very busy and run by short fused chefs. I learned fast how to prepare fresh delicious food from scratch.

Over time I went to work in other kitchens. I managed an Italian kitchen and then a cafe and catering business. I became fluent in working with fresh produce; it was where I felt most at home.

Six years ago I became a pescatarian. This has made a big difference in my life. It’s meant I’ve had to explore how to use fresh food in different ways to create diversity in my diet.

I started Haydon Street Kitchen to share some of my experiences, tips and recipes about everyday pescatarian food that is fresh, wholesome, and simple to prepare.

Good food is there to be enjoyed by all of us, it’s not a treat but an everyday pleasure.

Mandy Williams