This Contains Butter

It’s really worth your time and money to make your own pastry. It will taste 100% better then buying ready-made pastry cases. Ready-made cases lack the one integral ingredient that makes pastry so beautifully light, crisp, and decadent. Butter.

Ready-made pastry contains butter substitutes such as margarine and other kinds of animal and vegetable fats. In fact, it can’t contain butter because butter goes rancid quickly, which makes it unsuitable for a commercial product bought off the shelf.

Butter breathes life into dough. It creates the air that allows the dough to expand in space and brings the lightness that gives pastry that shattering crunch. It must be however a good quality butter. One that contains a high percentage of fat, which is why French butter is so coveted. A high percentage of fat means a lighter pastry.

Photo © Jean-Yves Bordier

© M. Williams 2017

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