Oven Temperature Guide

This is a great guide for oven temperatures when baking!

Low 100 – 150 degrees Celsius (or around 210 -300 degrees Fahrenheit)

Biscuits, cakes, meringues or anything with a high sugar content.

Medium 150 – 180 degree Celsius (or around 300 – 360 degrees Fahrenheit)

Rich cakes that have lots of eggs, butter and sugar such as Sponge and Madeira cakes. Brownies and biscuits.

Hot 180 – 220 degrees Celsius (or around 360 – 430 degrees Fahrenheit)

Breads or anything yeast based such as Brioche. Dense cakes such as fruit. Short crust pastry and puff pastry, souffles and muffins.

Very Hot 220 – 280 degrees Celsius (or around 430 – 540 degrees Fahrenheit)

Puff Pastry and Choux Pastry.


Photo © Terry 2008

© M. Williams 2017


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