Salad Everyday

I love this salad. I make it at least once a day. Okay sometimes twice a day. It’s great as a side or as a main meal. Simply, it’s a salad that can easily be bulked up with radishes, herbs, cheeses and lettuces or paired down to a fresh tomato salsa. With no airs or graces this salad easily adapts to any occasion.

Serves 2


2 ripe tomatoes washed

1 onion (brown or red)

1 cucumber washed

4 kalamata olives

2 slices of danish feta (or any soft smooth feta)

2 handfuls of rocket salad leaves washed and dried

1 handful of flat-leaf parsley washed and dried

Dried oregano

Extra virgin olive oil

Lemon juice

Sea salt and white pepper


Cut tomatoes into wedges and divide into two bowls.

Season with salt and pepper. Drizzle with extra virgin olive oil and sprinkle with dried oregano.

Slice four thin rings of onion and divide into bowls.

Splash onion with lemon juice.

Cut four thick slices of cucumber, dice each into four and divide into bowls.

Cut two pieces of danish feta and crumble over the cucumber.

Pit olives and divide into bowls.

Divide rocket leaves and place in bowls.

Finely chop the parsley and place over the rocket.

Gently toss salad until combined and evenly dressed.

Photo © Johnnie Walker 2006

© M. Williams 2017

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