Fresh Ricotta

This is a very simple recipe on how to make fresh ricotta. I’ve seen other recipes that use cream and lemon juice but I’ve found this recipe really delivers.

This requires your full attention.

Serving is for 1 cup.

Pour 1.2 litres of full fat milk into a heavy based saucepan and bring gently to a boil.

Have some white vinegar on stand by.

Watch for the milk to steadily rise up, this happens slowly at first and then quickly. Add a splash of vinegar. This will stop the milk from boiling over. The milk will curdle. The liquid will turn yellowish and form white lumps of cheese. Turn the heat off and leave for a few more seconds. Don’t stir.

Gently strain out the liquid and leave the cheese to drain for a few minutes.

If you are using the ricotta for savoury dishes, salt the cheese before putting it in a sealed container.

For sweet dishes, dust with a little sugar.

Store in the fridge.

Photo by © Moritz Guth 2007

© M.Williams 2017

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